What I drew when I was a child

My mum was clearing out her loft at the weekend and she discovered a bag full of art she’d kept from when I was a kid. I thought I’d share some of it with you. Here is one of my earliest works, aged 3 ½ (not sure what inspired the squiggly thing to the right… Continue reading What I drew when I was a child

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If you can express your soul, the rest ceases to matter

I know I said my next post would be about ‘earning a living doing what you love’ but this is virtually the same thing. I nicked this line from Hugh MacLeod: If you can express your soul, the rest ceases to matter. Actually, I didn’t so much nick it, it hijacked me. I was sitting in… Continue reading If you can express your soul, the rest ceases to matter


Doodling for the very afraid

Writing makes me happy. Reading makes me happy. Patterns and colours make me happy. So far I have indulged the first two but not the third. (I have the same fear of art as I used to have about writing. i.e. the thought of it makes me feel slightly queasy). This year I conquered my… Continue reading Doodling for the very afraid


Some feathered friends

I was flicking through some old sketchbooks this afternoon. I'm not claiming to be Picasso or anything but here are some feathered friends: I think this little chap might be called Humphrey. 


Celebration time!

You know when you do something and things click into place and suddenly you feel like you, 100%? This happened to me today. Here’s why: Years ago I designed some little children’s characters. They were truly an extension of me. I loved them. I cared for them. Sometimes I even spoke to them. So what… Continue reading Celebration time!