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My third picture book (third time lucky?)

After my first two picture books were rejected I changed tack and started writing another ‘fluffier’ story. But that came to a grinding halt after a few days as I wasn’t feeling the love. (I’ll leave it simmering for a while and see if it wants me to come back to it later.) I’ve now… Continue reading My third picture book (third time lucky?)

Trying to get published

If you want to write a picture book, read this

I’ve just finished reading ‘How to Write a Children’s Picture Book and Get It Published’ by Andrea Shavick. When I first leafed through it I was a bit disappointed as it seemed so basic and simple. (Idiot!) This is exactly why it’s so flipping good! By the time I got to the end I was… Continue reading If you want to write a picture book, read this

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Doing the impossible

Up until a year ago, getting the ideas in my head onto paper was impossible. Then writing a picture book was impossible. Then sending my manuscripts to an agent was impossible. Then being rejected by an agent was impossible (I had to get over that one quick). Now being a published author is impossible. But… Continue reading Doing the impossible

Trying to get published

Follow your nature

NEWSFLASH: I have now accumulated three rejections – two from agents and one from a publisher I contacted in April (actually, the publisher hasn’t officially rejected me yet, they just haven’t got round to replying). I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I feel like a proper writer. I am following the path… Continue reading Follow your nature

Trying to get published

Literary agent update

I had lunch with a friend just now. He earns £60,000+ doing very little work and very few hours. He is also in a stable relationship and has a lovely 3-year-old daughter. I drove home and pondered how I had got to this stage in my life – 42, no money, no home (I rent… Continue reading Literary agent update

Trying to get published

My first rejection letter

I have received my first rejection letter! Well, it was a rejection email. Luckily I was prepared for it so didn’t become too unhinged. But it was touch and go for a few seconds. The email plopped into my inbox last weekend. Realising it was a reply from an agent I took a deep breath… Continue reading My first rejection letter

Trying to get published

Alien spotted hovering near my blog

While we were away in the Lake District I received two emails bearing good news. The first email was from the Quest Institute telling me I had passed my Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma. Finally, my 6 weeks of round-the-clock googly-eyed working-my-arse-off on the computer paid off! Pheeew. However my celebrations were overshadowed by the next piece… Continue reading Alien spotted hovering near my blog

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Keep doing your thing

We are now entering the supreme self-doubt zone (i.e. it’s the fourth week since posting my manuscripts to the publisher). No reply. What does this mean? Have they read them? Or are they buried in a mountain of paper on a desk somewhere? Worse, maybe they’ve read my stories but are now so weak from… Continue reading Keep doing your thing

Trying to get published


It has been almost two weeks since I sent my manuscripts to the publisher. I know that’s not a long time in the publishing world. I’ve read that you can wait up to 3 months to get a reply. 3 months?! I was hoping for a slightly faster response. Here’s why: Two years ago I… Continue reading Waiting…