5 thoughts on “Illustrations

  1. Me too! I could imagine you doing another book that tells a story just through doodles. I would say that your doodles are full of story!
    I am a fellow writer, working in a novel, and not too far from you in Lurgashall, West Sussex. If you ever got to a point where you thought you might like a writer’s group for sharing, inspiration, feedback etc. I would be interested. I have looked around at existing groups but nothing has quite caught my heart. This goes out to any other writers in this area who might be reading this:-)


    1. Hi Julia, thanks for dropping by – it’s lovely to meet a fellow writer, especially a local one! Believe it or not, you have read my mind – I have written a flyer which I planned to put up locally, advertising a local support group for writers. I hesitated as I am about to start going to a group organised for children’s writers in Portsmouth (SCBWI) but I’d love to meet up with other writers/novelists too. I’ll send you an email and we can chat more… :-)


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