Favourite quote: GREATNESS

I opened my notebook yesterday to take one more ridiculously small step towards creativity and this little character came out! He's a small guy but he has BIG thoughts. Quote: Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich.


My new business… possibly

Hello. Remember me?! Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Before Christmas consumes me, I thought I'd better post an update! The reason I've been a bit preoccupied lately is due to the hairy dog I drew way back in May. A friend very kindly put him on a t-shirt and a mug for me as a gift,… Continue reading My new business… possibly


Mutt on a mug

Remember those dog doodles I did recently? Well, I am now the proud owner of a new mug! Awww... I'll take him to work and chat to him whenever my brain is fried. (He looks like he might understand.)


Today I drew some dogs

I am experimenting with having more fun with my creativity – just doing things for the heck of it really, just cos it makes me smile. Today I drew some dogs. A long dog… A hairy dog… An angry dog… And a surprised dog… What I love about quick doodles like this is that, within… Continue reading Today I drew some dogs


Doodle: bow-legged bird

Drawing my first doodle in years had an unexpected effect on me. For the rest of the day, it made me smile! I have taken this as a sign: I need more of this 'silliness' in my life! So this morning I drew a bow-legged bird...


Some feathered friends

I was flicking through some old sketchbooks this afternoon. I'm not claiming to be Picasso or anything but here are some feathered friends: I think this little chap might be called Humphrey.